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AMG is a private tour and travel company committed to developing forms of tourism which bring real benefits to both visitors and hosts. AMG consults regularly with Federal and regional governments, local councils, indigenous development associations and institutions like the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.


  • keep the core values and serve our customers
  • reveal the hidden tourism potentials of Ethiopia and Africa to the world
  • work to make Ethiopia the center of tourism to the world


  • become the best tour and travel company with maximum care and eloquent services in the East Africa by 2025


  • Customer first
  •  maximum safety
  • hospitality


  • To travel is to live

AMGT is conscious of the damaging environmental impact unplanned tourism development can have. In our trekking and camping tours, we carry our own fuel, and in developing off road and permanent camp sites, will use environmentally friendly means of power generation. AMG is a corporate member of the Campaign for Environmentally Responsible Tourism, the Ethiopian Wildlife and Heritage Society and the Ethiopian Heritage Trust, and regularly raises issues or environmental concern with national authorities and regional bureau. Through its membership to ETOA, AMGT is calling for regular Environmental Impact Assessments in sites of tourist interest.

AMGT wants to break down the barriers between visitors and hosts, liberating visitors from the “quarantine” they often find themselves in, and promote real meetings and interaction between visitors and host communities. AMGT is interested in linking professional associations and organizations in other countries with their Ethiopian counterparts. AMGT wants to encourage the development of domestic tourism and is working to develop affordable holidays, camp sites and school exchanges between different regions of Ethiopia.


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