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The Ethiopian national dish consists of injera, made out of ingredient known as Teffe that originally used to grow only in Ethiopia. Teffe is currently know for its nutrients value of it being gluten free . a flat, circular pancake made of fermented dough on top of which are served different kinds of cooked meats, vegetables and pulses. The sauces are generally spiced with berbere, a blend of herbs and spices (including hot peppers) which gives Ethiopian food its characteristic taste. Vegetarians should try “fasting food” (for devout Ethiopian Orthodox Christians fast days make up nearly half the year), a colorful spread of Salads, vegetables and pulses, devoid of all meat and animal products.Along with the traditional Ethiopian meal, one would typically drink either t’ej, a type of honey wine, or a local beer called t’ella. Ethiopia produces its own wines: Dukam and Gouder are dry reds; Crystal is a dry white; and Axumite is a sweet red. The sister company of BGI Ethiopia (owner of St. George Brewery,) Castel Winery Plc took over the state-owned vineyard located in Battu, some 160Km south west of the capital Addis Ababa. Castel Winery has two product lines namely Rift Valley and Acacia.The food served at hotels, lodges and tented camps is almost exclusively continental cuisine, and universally ample and healthy.

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